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Language and Culture in Brazil
Welcome to 2007 Maceio Carnival!

Study in Brazil!

Portuguese Learning Programs in Brazil
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    Brazil is the largest country in South America, eighth largest economy in the world, and a country rich in culture and physical beauty.

    Whatever your reasons for learning Portuguese, IPSA member schools will have you communicating effectively in Portuguese in the shortest time possible. Intensive Portuguese language training is offered at our schools in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Maceio.

    We're sure you'll agree with most of our students: Brazilian Portuguese is a beautiful sounding language that's fun to speak!

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Portuguese Language School in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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about the School
Few will argue that Rio de Janeiro is among the world’s most beautiful cities. Known as the "Cidade Maravilhosa", Rio lies between Guanabara Bay, the beautiful beaches of Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon, and a tropically forested mountain range.

Although Rio de Janeiro is famous for its festive atmosphere of the world's famous Carnaval, it is the headquarters to some of Brazil's largest national and multinational companies. It is a cosmopolitan city with a wide variety of sightseeing, nightlife, and restaurants. Rio's relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and friendly "cariocas" make this city an unforgettable experience you can't miss.

The School is conveniently located in the business center of Rio, with easy access via public transportation to any place in the city. Our facilities offer comfortably furnished and well-equipped classrooms with laserdiscs and DVDs. We also offer prompt access to phone and fax services, as well as e-mail and the Internet.

Our central location allows students to leave for a walk after class to the historical center of the city, or to any of the nearby theaters, museums and cultural centers.

Our central location is also great for "Live Portuguese" classes. In these classes, students carry out everyday tasks in Portuguese, such as shopping, going to the bank, and asking for information while always assisted by one of our instructors. This is a unique opportunity for students to practice in real life situations what they learn in the classroom.

Portuguese Language courses offered: private instruction, group instruction (up to four students in the class), a combination of private and group instruction, immersion courses, special courses ("Live Portuguese"); Executive courses.

Portuguese Language School in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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about the School
Most of our students that study in Sao Paulo do so for work-related reasons. After all, Sao Paulo is the industrial center of Brazil, responsible for over 30% of Brazil's annual GNP, and headquarters to the majority of Brazilian and multinational corporations. Today it is Latin America's most important industrial and financial center.

Sao Paulo is the world's fifth largest city with over 18 million inhabitants, putting it in the same league as Tokyo, Mexico City, New York, and Shanghai. The hustle and bustle of this city is impressive, every day at least 4.5 million cars drive through its streets, a plane lands at one of its three airports every minute, a child is born every second and a half, and its 1500 bank agencies clear 55 checks a second. In addition to being a business center, Sao Paulo is famous for its restaurants (over 1,000), bars, and nightlife.

Our school in Sao Paulo is conveniently located near hotels, shopping and public transportation. Our world-class facilities include modern classrooms equipped with DVDs/laserdiscs and air-conditioning. We also offer our students access to telephone and fax services, as well as e-mail and the Internet during their course.

Portuguese Language courses offered: private instruction, immersion courses, Executive courses.

Portuguese Language School in Maceio, Brazil

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about the School
Maceio is the capital of the State of Alagoas, in the Northeastern coast of Brazil. A popular tourist destination, Maceio has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If arriving by plane during the day, find out if the pilot can do a fly by of the beaches along the coast. It's an unforgetable experience.

Since 1991, our School in Maceio, has been devoted to providing high quality, personalized language instruction, specializing in Portuguese (for non-Brazilians), English and Spanish (for Brazilians and students from other exchange countries). At our School we are committed to excellence and are proud to be the only member of IALC (International Association of Language Centers) in South America.

Our School resides in two adjoining buildings with a house-like structure- the quaint environment enhancing the intimate atmosphere we want to provide our students. There are 10 classrooms, 2 equipped with computer, TV, VCR, and audio. We also have a fully equipped kitchen for Brazilian cooking classes.

The classrooms are intermingled with staff offices to facilitate the personal and friendly assistance we uphold. The two buildings are separated by a lush garden where students and members of the School relax and enjoy Maceio’s tropical climate. Students, professors, and administrators also get together on the weekends to take advantage of the grill on the grounds: a favorite Brazilian pastime!

The Portuguese Language School in Maceio offers both group and private instruction, from absolute beginners to advanced levels. Courses are focused on conversation, though there may be some writing requirements to be completed at home. Approximately 95% of class time is conducted in Portuguese. The textbook is excellent, developed at the University of Sao Paulo.

Enjoy World's Most Beautiful Beaches While Learning Portuguese in Brazil!

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