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Modern Greek Language School in Larissa, Greece

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The School was established and has been operating in Larissa - Central Greece - since 1970. All our instructors are graduates of Greek Universities and hold not only a BA in Greek Language and Literature, but have also done post graduate work in the teaching of Greek as a foreign language.

We offer Special Holiday Programs lasting for 1, 2 and 3 weeks during the summer months. These programs are held by the sea at the foot of Mount Olympus, a splendid combination of holidays and studies under the Greek sun.

Also included in our programs are Modern Greek Tuition Courses (semester abroad programs) in co-operation with various institutions, colleges and universities from abroad. Modern Greek language courses are held the year round in our facilities in Larissa.

Greek Grammar Book for Non-Native Speakers

'Greek Grammar for Non-native speakers' has been written by S. Miliou & K. Piperis (the School's Director of Studies) especially to meet the requirements of the Non-native speaker. It is intended for students with no previous knowledge of either written or spoken Greek.

It's foremost purpose is to supply students with a ready reference to Greek Grammar. Apart from the theory, there are numerous exercises at the end of each unit as well as revision excercises at the end of the book to provide students with a clearer understanding of the language.

The book starts the students off from the alphabet, thus enabling them to read the language, by showing them how each letter, double letter and diphthong are pronounced. It goes on to explain the syllable and intonation rules, giving the student a clearer picture of pronunciation. The days, months, numbers, time and greetings are also included in this section.

Section B goes on to the different parts of speech, cases, genders and declensions. It also includes articles and the basic spelling rules. The whole of Part 1 has been written in English and all the grammar terms are also in Greek.

This second part of the book deals with all other Greek grammar phenomena. It deals with verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns and other essential grammar items. Part 2 is written in Greek but also has an English explanation for all grammatical terms.

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