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French Language School on the French Riviera, France

French in France

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The French Language School on the French Riviera offers a unique experience of learning French in one of the world's most beautiful surroundings of Côte d’Azur. It's more than a school. It's a European meeting place where you will be given the ability to understand and use the French language to communicate in practical situations.

To help you to achieve quickly your personal or professional goals, we combined experience, imagination and teaching skills in a prestigious place, wide open to the sea… and to the world.

The French Language School on the French Riviera is an intensive learning center of the French language and culture. Lessons, accommodation, sports and activities… you are invited to discover, for two weeks or a few months a unique combination of the flavours of Provence and the blue of the Mediterranean sea.

With a wide choice of courses and accommodation options, our French Language school on the French Riviera offers outstanding value for students who wish to learn French and experience life in France. Every year the School welcomes students from nearly 90 countries, creating a multicultural environment in which to learn French and make friends.

The school is located in the town of La Napoule, 10 minutes west of Cannes.

The school campus is in the domain of a magnificent château which overlooks the Bay of Cannes. The château d'Agecroft and the château Clews offer the ideal setting in which to learn French, relax and really discover France.

French Language School in Nice, France

French in France

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A special feature of the French Language School in Nice program is the emphasis on conversational French. Students in the intensive courses have either one or two lessons in small conversation groups. Students are grouped by age and mutual interests in addition to their knowledge of French. Being grouped by age and mutual interest means that conversations focus on topics of interest to all.

Established in 1977, the French Language School in Nice is located in the heart of Nice, near the Hotel Negresco. The beach and the famous Promenade des Anglais are only a two minute walk away.

The French language courses are conducted solely in French by experienced instructors. All teachers are University graduates and have post-graduate qualifications and experience in teaching French as a foreign language. Most also have other areas of expertise (literature, art, history, etc.). In addition to their academic credentials, teachers are selected for their ability to stimulate students in their studies of French.

The latest direct teaching methods are applied in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere guaranteeing optimum intensity and maximum individuality. It will help the students to develop every aspect of the language skills that they will use both inside and outside the classroom. All students use materials developed by the School, including textbooks FRANÇAIS LANGUE ETRANGERE 1 and 2. Materials are periodically reviewed to ensure that students have the most suitable and up-to-date books.

Our French language students develop their oral fluency, converting passive knowledge into active and confident command through a variety of exercises. Advanced students practice their French in discussions and debates.

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